Museum Dar Si Said Entrance fee

Museum Dar Si Said is a must-see attraction in Morocco, and entrance to the museum is easy and affordable. The entrance fee for the museum is 10 MAD is 1 USD for Children under 12 years & 30 MAD, which is approximately $3 USD for Adults. This fee gives you access to the entire museum, including the galleries, gardens, and all other attractions.

The entrance fee for Museum Dar Si Said also covers audio guides, which are available in multiple languages. This can be a great way to learn more about the exhibits and artifacts you’ll find in the museum.

Keep in mind that admission discounts may be available for children, students and seniors. It’s always a good idea to check with the museum staff about any discounts that may apply to you before purchasing your ticket.

I hope this helps! Have a great time at Museum Dar Si Said!


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